Sound Sermon

We are a collective of dance music, events, and artists founded to showcase talent and bring creative individuals together. Our energy is rooted in the ability to bring DJs and producers with music lovers alike to hear their sound on the dancefloor.

As a common place for creative individuals, Sound Sermon offers a platform to exhibit established and upcoming DJ-producers alike. Our events serve as an outlet for artists to preach their musical sermons without restrictions. Whether you’re an upcoming or established artist, we offer a place for you to grow, be heard, and accepted. Music holds no language barriers, no borders, no walls.

Established in 2019, Sound Sermon started with a group of passionate individuals who all share a wide and decadent array of musical tastes. No matter what genre you are digging at the moment, Sound Sermon is a place to hear it all.
IG: @sound.sermon
FB: @soundsermon


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February 25, 2020